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“We aren’t what we eat- we are what we digest and absorb.”

At Diet & Body Mantra, we truly believe variety is the spice of life and when you embrace variety in your food plan you will feel better, have more energy and achieve better weight-loss results. According to Aditi Almal De, our founder, being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a Lifestyle. A young mother, wife and a career woman, Aditi’s mantra in life and health remains one- Balance.

Diet Mantra program isn’t about restrictions. We try integrating your values so seamlessly into your life that you can easily make smart, healthy choices without feeling deprived. We guide you, on how to pay attention to your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. We keep things simple, following basic principles, and a few tricks and tips, you can whip together to stay on track. .


With our mantra-NO DIETING,ONLY EDITING, our team of expert nutritionists provide with a diet plan that work for you as an individual keeping in mind your schedule, food preferences and kitchen. The plan is realistic, practical, achievable and easy to follow.We alter the plan every week and make variation in your normal health routine and food plan that helps to create lasting change for sustainable weight loss and long-term good health. Lose weight the natural way is our philosophy. Without any artificial supplements and gimmicks - we hope to change the way the world looks at eating healthy and fitness.

Our workout studio – Body Mantra offers a variety of classes for you to increase your stamina and help you to tone your body. You can chose Zumba as your way to fitness or strengthen your muscles in our Mat Pilates classes. Our yoga classes are all about chanellising your energies in the right direction.

Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. If you want to look, move and feel your best-it is important to align your kitchen, mind and intentions and get your eating patterns set right. You are not defined by your weight, not now not ever. Plus, being a certain size isn’t a guarantee of good health. Focus on your wellbeing, energy and longevity rather than your weight-and weight loss/gain will be a side effect of that new lifestyle.

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What all we do?

Nutrition Programs

weight loss/gain, pregnancy, wellness.

Disease Management program

Diets to cure you!

Zumba Classes

Sweat it to get it!


Flow with it.

Why us?

  • No dieting, only editing.
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Certified and expert nutritionists
  • Weekly follow up consultations
  • Custom meal planning
  • Online consultation within and outside India
    • Do you want to manage your weight? Cholesterol? Blood sugar levels? Blood pressure? Do you need to learn how to eat a healthier diet?Have you been told by your physician that you need to change your diet? Do you need nutrition help for an elderly parent?

      We can help! Our highly knowledgeable and well-trained registered dietitian/nutritionists are here to help you achieve your health goals!

      Sessions include time with your personal dietitian to individualize your nutrition plan, and written materials based on your unique needs. The initial session is about 45 minutes, and each follow up session is about 15 -30 minutes.

      We help people improve their health and their lives through the transformational power of food and nutrition!

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