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May 18, 2021

Know your breads — bodyuser

In a world full of options, given the assortment and variety of bread in the market, it can be hard to break through the clutter and know which is right for you- especially when each is claiming to be healthier than the rest.
One of the key factors to consider is whether you have gluten sensitivity or not. It is also important to choose a bread that has limited amount of mystery ingredients and/or artificial ingredients and sugars.
We would not recommend an absolute restriction on breads in the diet. Opt for whole-grain or multigrain over refined flour breads and trim down the portion size. Include more fiber with the breads, like vegetables to go with it and additions of seeds to top it.
Maintain the intake to not more than twice a week.
If you have the time,bake your own bread at home during this pandemic, which is the healthiest and most flavourful. 
As always, we love to hear from you guys – which kind of bread is your favorite? Drop a comment below!