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May 21, 2021

KNOW YOUR SEEDS — bodyuser

There has been a lot of buzz around Basil and Chia seeds lately and their look-alike property has left many confused. While, basil seeds are round tiny and pitch black, the oval chia comes in different colours. These seeds also have nutritional advantages that one can look out for!
Both basil and chia seeds have similar nutritional profile with the most notable difference being their omega-3 and fibre content. Chia seeds contain more than twice the omega-3 fat but a little less fiber compared to basil seeds. Being a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are good for the heart health. Research has shown that they have the potential to lower blood pressure and reduce triglycerides in the blood. Packed with soluble fibre, both chia and basil seeds have shown promising results in diabetes. 

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