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May 18, 2021


Bursting the bubble of bottling up vitamins into supplements!
Its time we discuss the most underrated nutrients of all time, the vitamins- though they are called the “micronutrients”, their contribution to our body is huge, right from participating in thousands of metabolic process taking part in our body to detoxifying our body, immunizing our body to providing healthy bones, they do it all. 
Yes, vitamins have healing power, but they are no magic pills, or there is no shortcut towards acquiring them, if your diet lacks vitamins in general, it always cannot be mended through supplements, it depends on your requirement, what kind of diet you’re following and other health parameters. Also, the pills might be loaded with chemicals that might interfere with your bodily processes, so before rooting for any kind of supplement, let’s get into the depth of the vitamins we need and how do we add them through our regular foods.

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